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Mac Miller - Friends lyrics

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Snow flakes keep falling on my expire court

I don’t know why I’m still awake I gotta be tup on ten in the morn

Misesle in my repertorie ro say I’l pretty regular

I never leave my house I don’t know way I got an extra court

My pool hosue studio is cover up with pencile marks

And every day is full of jokers like a deck of cards

So I’m so lonely this ones from my door piece

But I’m not the devil I am the motherfucker meditor

Ooh my agPD LOOK at your SANCTUARY

Cuz we all here now we brought my dog

So be out the rezevors

And I’mma let it burn befor you let it ball

Before you ready my man will start

We forgot our rules before we trust the things we fall apart

Watch myself with acide because a deler courd

But country so week I need to spill it up in seven parts

Wide was drop it before we stay here from the first time

Went to Murrey’s party took tequilla shuts with Kevin arm

But Kevin don’t remeber that

I saw that and it’s amaze, told the joke and never laught

Don’t rap the ego, free wil be my modo

And we all gona be good and freezing

If they ever hit the labo

So are we got it? Shit you know I’m all famous

And out Kelly told me that I’m the world greates

But still we fall in love is like an orgasm

Cuz you never gonna know if your girl faking

I’m always faded getting shaded in the basement

Ask by the Chelo now all I do is playing

Thank God that I made it, ask how your dad was

Probably tell your daddy roll in the house from Las Vegas

Me I’m in my space ship

Faces so complases

Where. take take a chash we going to the bank with

And Jimmy got the burner, he don’t wanna murder

And clock be somewhere else, sweet and speak it ...

And there must be and alien

I really can’t explain it, shit

Is just a little cocaine snift

Cut the line is longer then parages

I think is time to give me all your prases

So I get this money and get all the homies rases

My life was on these words

This is my afrodaded and if you wanna leave the battle

Send you after David

I’m half man half amazing

Probably half God but that don’t fit my calculations

I know the planet Earth is bout to explode

Kind of hope that no one save it

We only grow from ingush

Yeah, yeah

Miller Mac, Miller Mac, Miller Mac, Miller Mac,

I see you Mac

There’s snow flakes fallin on my depacar

So I’m not alive couldn’t tell you what we even want

In this game of throne I got the fortune

Eighty connections boy, no control fuck canamar

I don’t vote, I’m never register now

But I’m the magnet for the zero-s

I wake and feeling dead I need a fresh restart will remember us,

Smile is our soldier, in order that we transport

Talking in the loggy and drink all the palmer

In the other room watch what you see here and get

Land on the race line doing drums and get it all

When I wasn’t ...i use to be Puertorican

My mom took me to a bar and shop agains some porn

I walked in ready ffor the free way braze

But the ladies said time is too short

And I alwayse found my mom with some airs with some great

Driving through the cush she didn’t have a reaction

Six years old and close the doors and lock in

Drove by the five and fuck those cops

It just don’t stop, I know my father probbaly wish that I was just smoke pipe

My gradma probably slap me for the drugs I got

I’m a craket for the doub i do

We love rock yeah

Miller Mac, Miller Mac,

Mac Miller

Miller Mac, Miller Mac,

Miller Mac, Miller, Miller, I see you Mac

I see you Mc even when

Same house fifty gte it straight

Untill all these bitches will get in position

Cuz I got the pussy all for that pain

Somehow I make these bitches get relate to

Is drowning and I got a life in the same day

Look at my reflection, I broke the mirrow

Is only for protection if it’s getting wired

I can see a thing but things never been clear

Call that man and cotribute

This is all your, let’s get fucked up and get the fuck out of here

I kick up with the aliens and different strategies to feel fear

And lookign down like wait coming, piece

I told where to built it need to kick the habbit

We on the same trick just got different bagage

Car spend the great tools aalogy dealer shut

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