Mac Miller

Mac Miller - Family First Ft. Talib Kweli lyrics

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[Verse 1: Mac Miller]

Dealing with everybody's opinion

Trying to do me

Only down one, I'm in the final

Shooting threes

Like I don't give a fuck

Music we fuck, switch the position up

We love the things that keep on

Bringing out the kids in us

Been working all my life to do some

Different stuff for people - I've lived enough

To say I haven't lived enough

I'm on the road, my girl so sad I'm gone

It's hard when I can't even find the time

To call my mom when she thinks I'm

Going Hollywood - I guess she probably should

It seems like you could see the bad

And only not the good. I feel the shade

But I can see the sun, it's cool

I got the time to feel the need to run

A fool is what I've become, young and I'm dumb

Been spending cake to get some bump in the trunk

Some Reeboks swinging from the treetops

They worry but they need not

Heating like a teapot

Now I think I'm cool cause I got a pair of shoes

A mug dog, a jacket with a Polo logo

My cup always filled with Henny

So ?

They should know, so..

I could go slow, you see that I'm

Smooth now. Used to ignore me

They study what I do now

With some help from Kweli

It's likely to be that they say

That my cypher complete

[Verse 2: Talib Kweli]

Word. I'm so sick with the verbs I use

The verse to heal us, the love

How I kill it on stage, man

Murder the theater

No wonder they call it a ?

Sleep in a coffin, dead, tired

Exhausted from how often I be touring

So gangsta. Like the occupation of Made Men

Create chaos: my operation is Mayhem

The movie never stopped frank change

We add a map to the wolfpack: hangover

That Hen is not a friend

I'm on that Lager ?

Whatever substance, I abuse it like the

Romans. I'm not a kid no more

Don't want to hold your hand and fall off

And make you shoulder-lean like you drove, fam

Go in, like Abraham reading all the signs

Oh yeah, and don't forget to call your moms

Same thing I told Bow Wow last year

Take care of the fam

Cause it's all we really have here..

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