Mac Miller

Mac Miller - Face In The Crowd

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ecently it seems like wherever we go

The drinks stay cold when we coolin coolin

And being broke starts to get a little old

My money had to get some fine tunin

Tonight might be the night I make it

So lets live it up and don't regret it at all

All these faces, different places

People hit me up but I'm forgetting to call

Get laid in California when the weather gettin colder

Or honeys by the pool?

Chillen on the beach house, lounging by the sofa

Riding with a chauffeur, on my way to blow up

Roll up, fishing, champagne sipping

5-star chefs stay cooking in the kitchen but only making that good shit

See the way I'm living they like oh my goodness

I tell em I'm fine

I ain't got a damn thing on my mind

And baby all we got is time

Lets just watch the clouds go by

And there ain't no need to panic

Girl we can lay up on this hammock

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