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Mac Miller - Death Of the Emcee lyrics

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Ladies and gentlemen

We are gathered here today

To remember the life of many

What makes this world so cold

People have to die before they get old

Hog with a ho

To the hommies in the host

That leave me lonely, cause I know

But all I gotta do is stay focused, stay dedicated

I’m trying to get a bank with a better statement

And this is for the people who said I’d never make it

And for the hoes who won’t fuck me unless I’m famous

Mind educated by the world around me

Been elevated in the Himalayan mountains

Son now I’m breaking from the fountain of life

And when th waters white boy, they sounded so nice

Maybe because I was meant to speak the truth to ‘em

Over melody, I’m in the booth flowing

Pan in the pan, in the glass some gin

Need the music like this hat to a brim

Clean and simple, can’t be separated

You got a train, but you’re scared and you get to chase it

so you ain’t going nowhere fast

I’m fresh cause your clothes got polo tag

I’m on a journey boy, I don’t look back

Plus I’m fresher then the laundromat, now look at that

I can change the world on a Monday till Friday

And turn around and get flash trait 5 days

Just gotta do this shit my way

YOu ain’t no artist cause I got you on myspace

Please don’t waist my time

You got a lot of hobbies, don’t say you grin

Way behind them on my way to shine

The hurry ain’t taking my time

Cause I’ve waited long enough, the time is now

These bloggers online trying to find my style

Sayin’ he a soler, he don’t know shit

Ain’t the struggle in his life he gotta cope with

I’m just tellin you what’s in my mind

Cause I’m gonna be the best when I’m in my prime

Now they got the high life

Playing in for one

Say I’m something of a different kind

I guess the whole world must have slipped my mind

Where the fuck you find a young man who can spit like I

My button down shirt equipped with a tie

Cause boy I’m on the goodness side

Yeah, young entrepreneur, no diddy dough

Who makes movies while you’re making home videos

I just wanna let my home city know

That a young boy finder blow

You either with me or against me

The death of a emcee

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