Mac Miller

Mac Miller - Cut The Check lyrics

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Ft. Chief Keef

(Verse: Mac Miller)

I'm a muthafuckin' fool, cut the check

I'm a working muthafuckin' need a desk

I don't got a heart I don't even need a chest

I'm a mess, they be sayin' they up next that's a stretch

Hold your breath let me bow to the crowd shit I'm blessed

Well I must be, bitches want to fuck me bump uglies on front street

The cards on the table gin rummy

Have a blast have a ball have a muthafuckin' great time

Beast I'm a dog got a squad full of K-9s

I'm a muthafuckin' fool, cut the check

I'mma get it 'til there ain't shit left to get

No stress running suicides don't even break a sweat

I'm a threat, code red when your line get pressed

You gettin' fucked by your contract what the fine print says

Told you once I told you twice, I get the Lamb it's ova rice

I whip the Lamb it's ovapriced, the life is good the hoes are dikes

The type of shit don't happen ovanight, I'm a muthafuckin' fool

(Hook: Mac Miller)

This shit on 100 degrees, hard as fuck ain't in a rush

I let the money come to me, I'm a business man

I'm way too young to be this rich

I don't know what to do with all this shit

I'm out of control, lord can you save my soul?

How convenient, you ain't worried about shit right now

How convenient, you just tryna keep it lit right now

How convenient, screaming money ova bitches right now

How convenient, bet you're feeling like the shit right now

(Verse 2: Chief Keef)

How convenient, undefeated

Walked up in Neimans spent the sac then I'm leavin'

Smokin' on reefer OG reekin'

Got the cops pull me ova they gon' want to take the Bimmer

But I'mma do the dash beat it like Tina

And I got my nina boy you betta be subpoenaed

Walked in the spot, ice on, lights on, blinging

Sumeone start a fire cuz it's fuckin' freezin'

I'm high off life give me the blunt I'm a roll it

I got hot rocks I'ma let you hold it

I was posted with the hammer y'all was telling police

Now I wrestle with racks, bitch I'm Mick Foley

Shit made me go woo like Rick Florer

I mean Ric Flair bitch boy I've been playa

You a bench warmer boy I've been playin'

Walked up the stairs look at my shoes like them cleaner

But I should have worn the otha ones cuz them betta


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