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Mac Miller - Cosmic Kev Freestyle lyrics

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-Verse 1-

Said this some music for your elderado tell em ain't heard the way that i flow,

Took a plane to get away i’m blowing up my iPhone,

Thinking it’s a rap be the gyro,

i know that she be far away i’m on her mind tho,

I’m so cool with a fool deck of cards extra bars,

always setting me apart from the start,

i was hardly a youngin,

Part of the discussion for the illest in this class so ya'll couldn't tell me nothing,

mind get in abduction,

brain unplugging, that’s a concussion,

when you saw what really wasn't even there,

they threatenin my life i ain't scared they emotionally impaired playin games of truth or dare with themselves,

that’s the shit that bad for all they health, when they try and do karate but they just some yellow belts,

i’ma get it from myself on the top of list, some pimp shit but i’ma show you how we drop it like this

-Verse 2-

Hey hey hey

hey yo i’m cooler than a refrigerator temperature I venture through the planet girls

pulling out their titties like a super bowl with Janet

God damn it, didn't even stand it paint a picture in the sky write the lyrics on a canvas

Hey I could talk about this so fast but i really wanna get that slow

Everybody gotta get it when they see it gotta want it gotta need it gotta take that role

..too many words working for everything

yeah this life’s a bitch but i gave that bitch my wedding ring

ay I ain't going back to that old shit

said we aint’ going back that broke sh

remember words and believe em like you said em first

try and be the dopest mother fucker that you ever heard

better be the hardest working person that you met yeah

-Verse 3-

ay yo going off the top no plannin, record it on a cannon

I'm just doing me these people never understand it

throw a touch down pass they call me Peyton Manning,

then its right on point back up the Rich Gannon,

ay uh yo talking this my bad,

probably died already niggas on my Ipad, but i didn't its a freestyle try that,

and all these people still try to say that I'm whack

no I'm Mac, you really check the YouTube couple a million and two views how do you do?

put sticks into a girl like a voodoo, who know the dudes eating pork like its new shooba,

I'm doing ......, real in new York, chilling man smoke you like a new port ayyy,

but I'm just chilling smokin spirits, cats wanna hear it cause they listen to my lyrics,

ay blue side park, uh you'll find heart, mu'fuckers really try but you rhyme hard,

boy, do you rhyme bars, do you rhyme hard,

yee ill be driving by in a gold car chillin yo,

no start, uh behave, cause if you don't you might come and meet dave,

and that's my homie you don't wanna talk that yo,

I just rap rap, shake you out ya jock strap,

boys freestyle, chillin man, crazy like I'm senile, money long green mile,

but I ain't talking bout that Tom Hanks, I got that good weed bomb dank,

can i say that on the radio, chilling with a crazy flow, try and make a baby yo,

chilling with my baby bros, chilling with that crazy flow, 1980's flow,

I don't even know but they think I'm really shady yo,

but I'm really not, I'm Mac Miller, got raps like crack dealers,

you're all just whack killers I'm that iller,

with mad switches that I'm rolin up,

hey getcha getcha getcha chest opened up,

we .. bars, nope with no scars, boys with you kept taking apart,

yo straight from the start, chillin up in Pittsburgh, take a picture, right off the dizzer,

ay rolled a swisher, chillin with a freestyle, ay i dont really care on that weed cloud,

but I aint really talking about weed or raps you see you whack you'll see its me its Mac nisser

real freestyle off of the top, you jogging to drop, every time I'm so non-stop,

yo the on slot too again and again,and Im probably coming through it with a couple of friends

and some lesbians, rollin up in a Benz, you can try now or then later, cats just haters,

what you know I'm greater, mu'fuckers gonna shoot a three like the Lakers,

I could probably rap on a stereo, and I''m crazy but yo yo yo David like Larry though,

mu'fuckers like Larry David, curb the enthusiasm, I'm an actor throw a movie at em,

why they shooting at em why you even hatin, you know me and my brothers we all relating,

uh cats debating find me where the J's is, never, cats just been clever,

you can switch the beat up, shake you out ya shit move your feet up,

cats wanna know where my streets up, uh uh I'm from greener, uh don't do my address

cats got mad stress, but mu'fuckers have that, yo reback re-re-relax,

mu'fuckers know that they always taking weed naps,

I just be working, cats be just jerkin, dancing, I'm just with your girl we romancing,

glancing uh I'm a gentlemen, knock up on the door and if she let me in, we can let the sex begin, bring a couple lesbians,

that's just how we do we getting checks again again again again, so lets pretend,

that you think you're better cause you never I'm clever never ever cause ca-ca-cats bars is better,

ay cause the boy bout to drop his new album, government name well that's Malcolm,

ye my guitar called the white falcon, it cost 3000, what you know about him, don't doubt him,

cause the boy be on stage doing this ag-gain, ye cats you know you're just bring ya friends,

I could rap about another eight minutes cause I'm in it I get some money and I spend it and you winning its never gimmicks,

uh to be specific I'm the illest, cats think they do it but they ill I'm ill like syphilis,

hey oh and who's on it next, you know it's Mac Miller with Cosmic Kev

-Verse 4-

ight look look, Cosmic Kev, what you need, yo its on the text you shouldn't read, cause that's,

probably your girl she feelin me, and I'm way higher then all these dealers be,

spittin on these beats from the 90's, probably where you find me,

boy got a cool flow try conquest not grind me, uh i'm just chilling and its all about the low ..

yo yo yo yo yo yo yo y-y-y-y-yo-yo-yo

You know when people always do that it's not annoying, cause i'm destroying and you know you just unemployment,

you can't get a job cause you just a slob, mu'fuckers getting eaten like corn off the cob,

uh I don't try really too hard, I just rhyme a couple bars, yo I'm from mars,

no I'm not bitch I'm from Earth, but let me just give you a verse show you what it's worth,

no curse I been doing this since birth, mu'fuckers know cause you know I did it first,

no I didn't do it first, I didn't do it last, I probably did it crazy when I rap cause I'm Mac this is fast,

ay I got a Ipad and I'm happy about it, I got a Mac 4000 and I traded it in,

it's a real freestyle play it again,

we could do a couple another beats a whole hour, I don't know I'm spittin words out like Bill Cowher, or maybe Mike Tomlin, yo who wants him, I'm so awesome and you don't hear this often,

I got freestyle game never knew that I'm a genius, bitch get off my freestyle penis,

sike you cant say that on air, I'm on air, you're not there, cats really be rhymin all the time,

got lots of rhymes all declined, huhuh feeling myself feeling myself I can't pop my collar that I don't have,

fuck you don't bathe, you smell bad.. for real,

haven't showered in like 3 days, you know what he say, listen on the replay,

never care what she say, boys on the relay,

need to pass it up give you dooms like d-day,

blowin up, but I ain't talking bout blowin up literally, I'm talking blowin up physically,

cause these cats meant lyrically, hududududa I could say spiritually,

cause it rhymes and it sounds cool, I ain't around you, I been doing this since round 2,

and in round 1 I let you get ahead, but instead I came back for your bread, uh and hit your man up,

cats don't know that they know they can't stand up,

boys stand up like it's ludacris, how ya know I'm doin this I'm chewing this, stupid shit, yeah you know you used to this, cats be all mad about my Jewishness,

but I don't really care cause they just like lose with it,

I'll be real tight with this, I'll be real nice with this,

I can just come around and spit up on this mic with this,

guess I'm alright with this, never heard a fight with this,

I could just say alright with this, alright with this, alright with this, I'm nice with this, tonight with this I'll be at the electric factory and if you have to see me you can come,

don't be mad with me please.

Thanks to Tyson Mewett-Sweet for correcting these lyrics

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