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Mac Miller - Break The Law lyrics

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(Intro x2: Juicy J)

Get high, breakin' laws

(Verse: Mac Miller)

Yeah, okay, I wake up with the taste of pussy still in my mouth

Bitch in my bed, home girl still asleep on the couch

My head is bangin' like Metallica, swallow a bottle of Advil up

Then head back to the bedroom where she suck me dry like


It's the young miraculous, mister luv-to-grab-his-nuts

Neva let a bitch inside, fuck her in the Acura

Aurora borealis with the shine, my aura gorgeous

Dinner with forty courses, bunch of horny whores and fornicate

To formulate a fortune, mo' in the race of horses I am

My homies got my back, they all Verizon, man

I bring this to ya like lalalalala-live man

Ya gon need at least five hands to hold my finance

I am fe, fi, fo, fum, the giant

The best thing out of Pittsburgh since Clemente with the Pirates

I tell them 'shh' this middle finger sign fo' silence

Ain't a fucking way I'm keepin' quiet


Yeah, ridin' through the city blowin' smoke out the window

Cops out on patrol, they lookin' out fo' all the criminals

I been a lot of things, I ain't eva been a bitch though

Rules to this game, ya know how this shit go

Get money, fuck the system, break the law

Get money, fuck the system, break the law

Get money, fuck the system, break the law

Oh no, break the law

La, la, la

(Verse 2: Mac and Juicy)

So many people told me that I wouldn't be shit

But now I walk around with money and my hand on my dick

I think I'm special, I'm drinking whiskey out the bottle til l I black out

One million, two million, shit I'm losin' track now

Comin' to ya live inside the crack house

Started with a dub and then I made it to a half ounce

Then I turned it to a pound (Wow), turned that to a house (Wow)

Turned that to a career, how the fuck did I get here?

(Spendin' all yo time just gettin' high won't drive ya crazy, crazy)

I killed the game like Jeffrey Dahmer did the 80s

Speedin' down the freeway gettin' head in my Mercedes

Givin' me all of this money was crazy, should have known betta

No pressure, dope seller, smarter than yo professor

Hoes, I don't stress her, put a bitch down like Old Yeller

The flow's stellar, stella ella ola, have ya eva been?

Shit I'm probably put up in the president

(Hook x2)

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