Mac Miller

Mac Miller - Born On Halloween lyrics

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ft. Ghosty

Yo, look I'm kickin to fight deliver this could it get rid of your life

It's midnights, I'm rippin it once, it's hittin you twice.

Ghost deliver it nice so take it as a present.

Fuck sittin in college, I kick this knowledge for the lesson.

It burns ya chest, the words are blessed, confuse and bring ya questions.

Cause with my complexion, a finger nail can cut the tension

And in case I didn't mention spittin it better than anyone did it before

I'm rippin your corpes, dippin and lettin you live in the morgues.

Shit in the porsche. trick or treat I'm here to piss on the floors.

And if I didn't come with the whip I'm gettin in yours

On devils night we come to bless this track

Thanks to Justin for correcting these lyrics

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