Mac Miller

Mac Miller - Boo lyrics

rate me

Where it’s the maniac with tiny raps

Made millions of a baby mac

My brain it ain’t attach

To love me it’s a little late for that

That gave my crazy atholate

Well everything it’s greater

As I focus all behind the force

Middle age, meet new pay for sex

Like I am medium, deserve this motherfucker paper

Gotta kick out

Break it in half, day one for lady

That’s any a trader, that’s a benefit for honor

I’ve been will and got broke

In national car shows

I’m a long knower

Met face get better than a ownes

Thank god I got sober, pop smoker, top roller, dope owner

Get a little kind until I got older

Wild since a child put my fire out of gas

Now let me talk slower, understand me now

We’ll be originators, your star bang me down

Yeah and got me turnin’ on the embers louder

Apocalypse is comin’ so we came now and begin this on

Dancing with a vision, put her penny down and push me

I love a little nature that have a flavor like the pussy

Pretend to over look me and my age will no product me

I’mma get it good, feel better and forever I’m

Natural treager like Nicolas Cage

I’mma shelter filty animals, got bitches for dams

She’ve been feedin’ on my scene with this enemy

I tell her keep it on the lay

This traditional edge

Now a muscle buildin’ me so I can duggle children

I’m fucked up til that eighty feel __________(?0

These bicthes getting’wet when I pull up in the Mercedes

Bitch I’m with simple ___________(?)

Make dreams reality, say how will go

Say hello now as a formality

I’m comin’ with a covery

But motherfuckes train from watching _________(?)

And we pay our fences like inside will win

Boo! X 5

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