Mac Miller

Mac Miller - Avian (nr. 1) lyrics

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Look... don’t be a nice here, fight for your life and all the profits

I’m not in your consciousness, your nuts

I’m in ....

Acting like your grand father ...


Naked waling in the garden the alarm a need an ...

..funny sleepers nice row

...bitch stole my ..last night

I might know some ....

..walking on a ... row

Underneath the microscope, we close up

We all just like


..don’t know the future , to live life like your kids might just close your computer


The straight lights, look at it ...

There’s a bird in the sky

Look how it fly, fly, fly

A little TV money, dollars for sins of humor,....


So no use for a .., some call .. for a cooler

Coming thru in a .,..

I’m pised off like a blind person look in a .. restaurant

Probably be dead


Sorry for that blind people coming they were just ruin

And I was raised better so God bless you



Every time I get around her I’m nasty I never .. go sleep on a better on a better flowers

not the end of this conversation I’ve been in my head for hours

There’s a bird in the sky

Look how it fly, fly, fly

Why? Why? Why?

.. don’t fuck around

I’ll do this on the sleep

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