M-Tri & Dj Leecy T

M-Tri & Dj Leecy T - Suicidal Hype lyrics

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I leave rap of shit wrecking stranded

Bitch slapping branded, so save the … about the crimes that you manded

That's outlandish like d cups advances

When I take chances I cut the beats will leaves ashes

We string nasties, taking over 50 states

Clipping through ...crates and fill crates like lifting weights

Touching your pressure points, blessing them with fresher joints

A perfect score of a hundred plus the extra points

The extra credit, I get it but don't sweat it

You read it, when I said it to unlet it yo you should get it

And don't be gassed up or you might just be assed out

My mc chores is sweeping floors and throwing trash out

Your rap is posable, my mike is always … up, when I freeze the sun and hold the moon

And leave the cold in June

Like it was January, sweeter than Hale Berry

You are unique, when I get deep like I could tell you right to move … getting loose and keep it steady

We're trapped in ... boots … rap, we're still not breathing heavy

...serious tip, cause everything is real … serious tip

Suicide Hype shit

Yeah, the most reliable there's known …

Ready to kill like I have a running up like fire drills

Special announcements I'm making a bounce quick, I sound sick

And you rip me before you count to six

Rocking new kicks still smelling like leather

You couldn't sell me nothing better, hot as hell in this sweater

On their clever like style and you can … from the barber where the cleaving that would sharpen

Keep a level like a carpenter

Put in an over time cause them …

Who ever said you're nice paid the price when they bought them lies

I'm over qualified, you're only quarter massage

You need to walk a while, stand point like pork’s …

Portified, open your eyes, see you could see a clearer picture

I'll make you jump like a bullet that just nearly hit ya

But I'ma talk in like a marksman that's heartless

So many talk shit, but this … New York shit

And Brooklyn is the place where I reside, where we fight to stay alive

And kids got played like a bee side

Chilling the beats vibe cruising through the street's you'll be through if you compete me

And my people keep abusing beats.

...serious tip, Suicide Hype shit, cause everything is real … serious tip,Suicide Hype shit

This is for your own concern.<br />

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Thanks to Andrei

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