M-Phazes - For What It's Worth

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I remember my very first taste of this obsession*

Fresh-faced kid at Next Level copping lessons

Wide-eyed I'd stay for hours at a time

Just grilling Dr. Phibes like a Q&A session

Pestering him with all types of questions

What's good this week? Who did the beats and who's guesting?

I had a part-time job so I'd work all week

Then blow my whole paycheque in a few seconds

And if it had that Oz Hip Hop sticker on the front

You could bet I'd pick it up and add it to the collection

Something bout the way my native tongue

Sound over dirty drums is like I found a connection

And looking back now I bought a lot of classics

But I also spent a lot of cash on a lot of wack shit

And if I added it up I'd probably cringe at the thought

But really I got way more than I bargained for

Cause if I could put an hourly wage

On all the time that I've spent locked away with a pen and a page

Or every drop of sweat that I shed when I step on a stage

Then brother I'd be getting paid

To some it might sound crazy

But music took me in, taught me and shaped me

And the life lessons learnt over break beats

Are worth way more than anyone could pay me


It's the ticket price at the show

It's the bandwidth of a download

Everybody's so concerned with the bottom line

This is something you can't measure with a dollar sign

And it can't be bought for no amount

Throw 'em up if you know what I'm talking about

This is something that predates trade and predates money

Something that's as old as time


I know this kid who's been digging through the crates for ages

Born and raised Gold Coast of all places

Ordinary Joe, goes by the name of Mark

Better known to most as M-Phazes

They say it ain't where you're from, it's where you're at

Well this here is proof of that

He worked hard just to master the boom and the bap

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'till the beats so fat, they make the party people say "Good Gracious"

So he hooked up with some of the finest emcees from across the nation

Did a few joints for some overseas cats

cause you know word spread quick like it's contagious

Hooked up with an agent

Took a CD of beats to the One Stop competition, stood up and played it

Panel of judges some of the greatest

and well, what do you know? The whole room went ape-shit

Uh, tell me what that's worth

Dollars can't buy respect cause respect it earned

And I gotta give respect where respect is due

Very few who would test for you

Wanna talk about dedication?

Wanna talk about hours spent, I bet he's spent a few

So when he hit me up with a track for the compilation

I said I'm down for whatever dude

See this world dictates that all get paid cause we all gotta eat

But this here is not for the feed

In my own small way I'm just tryna pay back

Everything that music lent to me

I spent my life feeling like I didn't fit into the puzzle

Now people telling me my shit help 'em through they struggle

Huh, and if you can't respect that

Then you either need a slap or discover what I'm talking about

[Repeat Chorus:]


Solo know what it's worth

M-Phazes knows what it's worth

A-diddy knows what it's worth

Horrorshow know what it's worth

My brother Nick Lupi, he know what it's worth

Jimmy Nice knows what it's worth

DJ Joyride, he knows what it's worth

Urthboy knows what it's worth

And my brother Lou Dubs, he know what it's worth

Gusto know what it's worth

Muph & Pluto yo, they know what it's worth

And The Herd know what it's worth

Illy Al Murray, he knows what it's worth

Flago knows what it's worth

Obese, they know what it's worth

E Traks know what it's worth, do you?

[Repeat Chorus:]<br />

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