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M Iam I Flo Rida - Rescue Me From The Dancefloor

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<b>Rescue Me From The Dancefloor</b> by <i>M.Iam.I & Flo Rida</i><br />Like an avalanche Rescue me form the dance floor I can`t fight it now Turn it u and turn it loud Hey, whisper in the ear forbidden And ...chains no fear And I, I`ll never ever Find such love It`s you It`s you who makes me Wanna touch above Sexy, sexy like a shooting star Hey moving close but don`t go far Hey, go right through my heart tonight Follow me into the light It`s you Never ever hide your love I`m waiting for this night SO we can blow it up And everybody says let`s go I`ve been waiting for this night To show you where we can go. Like that Ohhh You can rescue me From the dance floor tonight Hold my breath Till the morning light Like a never... You came right in my life ohhh Rescue me from the dancefloor Cause my love wants for more Rescue me from the dance floor Baby that`s for sure You got me in your spell Like every thing in love`s hell .... And I always wanted to feel your lips Tonight I`m gonna lift your kiss

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