M I C - Give You Love lyrics

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I woke up to the music<br />

Spinning around in my head<br />

You fill my day with sunshine<br />

And the things You said<br />

<br />

When we are together <br />

No words can express the way I feel<br />

Happiness forever<br />

Here's the deal<br />

<br />

CHORUS<br />

<br />

Give You love<br />

You light my way<br />

And I can't stop saying Your name<br />

<br />

You are my sweet addiction <br />

Yeah, I love everything You do<br />

Sometimes I lie here dreaming<br />

of only You<br />

And when I see the night sky<br />

I think of how wonderful You are<br />

You are my inspiration<br />

You are my Star<br />

<br />

Love so strong will react with this<br />

I'm back with this, there's nothing<br />

wacked with this<br />

The greatest thing about this love is <br />

there's a map to this<br />

And my heart's in this,<br />

I won't part with this<br />

Loving with everything inside<br />

If I lose my way You remind me<br />

I'm gonna ........

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