M-dot - Open Heart Surgery

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ft. Virtuoso, King Magnetic, V. Knuckles [NBS], Singapore Kane, Red Eye & E'Flash

this .. get the .. part

my flow is the flowest part

.. my clothes are so ..

Waiting on my heat like ..

Trying .. you need to fall back

It’s pizza in the wrong rap

.. speaking the .. ain’t no speak

Missing …

.. still pissing in your face

You are a magician to fake

I am untouchable

The kids say they love my flow

Sit and singing .. yo!

Ripping through the story

I rap for .. you rap for fun

Imitation joke .. get the guns

I blow your ass in a pie box

.. your lungs until your mind stops

Your brain death .. stage when I am speaking a rise

.. but their language is dangerous

…stop talking

You came ..cause we don’t tolerate no bitch ass stay in the grass

.. like a tango paid with cash ..

Breaking the glass

Cause this is an emergency

Put more work down than niggers in the street did

I am gonna do is .. fuck a word with this …

.. when it takes .. in a weekend

.. let a rapper sleep on me

Monogamy is crap

Only one nigger is seeing me

.. was the chance is ..

The same chance .. show .. to blow

But if it comes to that … come home

Tell .. your nigger is home

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