M-dot - No Money Down

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Sample Hook (ad-libs)

Verse 1)  

They thought I was done, they didn't believe, I didn't agree, everything I did, I did it for free, no money down, no bummy clowns, no fake handshakes, no funny pounds, did what they wouldn't do, went where they couldn't too, moms always said let em see the good in you, this life we lead's a stressful one, you're destined son, be yourself and the rest will come, it, be so great, no email hate, men being jealous that's a female trait, be, happy for once, clap in the front, yet you, pass on the blunt, dap me and front, man, I work so hard, that's the secret, grinded on my own just to get my feet wet, I see through the greed, the feeble and weak, now people believe, a deeper MC can creep in the lead, still I did it all WITH NO MONEY DOWN 

Sample Hook (ad-libs)

Verse 2)  

Everything I got for free they paid for, if your better than the league what's the point to play for, still I can't quit rap, chill and ever kick back, throat's refreshing like the feeling of a Tic-Tac, never sleeping on a rap, spitting decent on a track, real friends, no ends, got features off respect, you need to know, don't fiend for dough, my fans seem to grow, I breathe my soul, that's the reason for respect, cuz I bleed it on a track, never leaving out the facts, as a listener, you want something that lasts, sick of hearing best music, yo it comes from the past, still I'm numb with the trash that I hear lately, miss my girl and my son, never there lately, I'm, touring the seas, enjoying the breeze, ignoring the pleas of boring MCs, who wish they did it like I did all WITH NO MONEY DOWN 

Sample Hook (ad-libs)

Verse 3)  

I did it my way, while they did it their way, got flown on airways, while they paid for airplay, made it this far, no loot down, toured the world, flown through towns, I, bless the track, I bless the hook, they, invest a stack to dress the look, yo, recognize I be telling the facts pops, no lies bout selling the crack rocks, my music holds soul, their musics so so, no flow, use dough by the boat load, don't you know they bag rocks, ragging on us have nots, acting with their swag talk, trapping in the crack spot, they front and fake a lot, guns, cake and rock, bought your whole career, didn't make it hot, y'all dudes can barely look in the mirror, couldn't be said in the hook any clearer, ya'll never did it WITH NO MONEY DOWN  

Sample Hook (ad-libs)

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