M-Dash - The Big Bay Area

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Yeah, Platinum Bound Mixtape

This is it y'all

Fire up wit me mayne [fire up, blaze that shit up nigga]

M-Dash, Platinum Bound

Hey, what

The Big Bay Area

Where we from?

The Big Bay Area

West Coast

The Big Bay Area

It's the incredible

Natural Born Dankstas Bitch

You wanna know about the West Coast

Take a trip to the Bay

Through Valley Joe and E.P.A

Frisco, Oakland, to the 408

Eliminate mutha fuckas talkin' all out they character

West Coast shit like the Seattle Mariners

Independent game got it all wrapped up

We Bay niggaz

We all act nuts, mutha fucka!

Catch five niggaz out in front of Rasputin's

Slangin' boxes of units with no distribution

Money's the solution

Causin' confusion

M-Dash shit, they the one producin'

Mixtape music got me buildin' a buzz

Feelin' the love

SUV chillin' on dubs

Still in the club

Tryin' to get my CD played

It's too much fuckin' politics these days

Tell the DJ: “Play some mutha fuckin'

Mac Dre, B-Legit, Richie Rich, or some Young Lay

R.B.L., Cougnut, Cellski, and San Quinn”

If it ain't the Bay throw it in the trash bin [throw that shit out]

Critics don't give us the respect we deserve

But they takin' our slang

And stealin' our words

I'm so disturbed

It's from the Bay fuck what you heard

N.B.D. is about to emerge

The brand new superb

So high shit I flew wit the birds

Sticky gooey weed is what I prefer

Keep my niggaz on alert

Bay Niggaz come to your work

Shuttin' shit down runnin' your turf, mutha fucka! [what, what]

Bay Shit

The Big Bay Area

Where you from?

The Big Bay Area

West Coast

The Big Bay Area

Bay shit, Bay shit

The Big Bay Area

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