M-Dash - Met Her Last Week

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this for all the ladies man, yeah

for all the bitches

baby girl was real bad tho man

she had ya boy like whoooo

bottles of liquor man

look how we did it tho

check game

I met her last week

baby was a superbad freak

callin me late night, she can't sleep

tellin me her feelings run deep

she in the bath tub wants me to come see (like that)

she say she love a nigga company

and don't nobody beat it up like me (nobody)

I'm like Bruce Lee when I'm in a coochie

jabbin, stabbin, lettin her seduce me (yeah)

she wants me to have the key

I just met the girl recently (I just met her)

we was at the mall I was sellin her a cd

she gave me her number in a hurry

I told her I'ma call don't worry

I was like Eddy Murphy

I had the hutch laughin (hahaha)

then she walked away all I thought about was passion (damn)

she was laced in the latest fashion

with no panty line, so I could only imagine

was about to happen, when I hit those

it's a trip I just met her about a week ago

I really didn't know what the outcome would be

but everytime we contact it was so lovely

she didn't put nothing above me

after havin sex she would backrub me

she let a thug be how a nigga wanna be

but I got my guards up I'm not a rookie

I be goin hard killin on her pussy

she be sayin don't fill me like Missy

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