M-Dash - I'mma Fool

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(feat. Mac Dre)

[Mac Dre talking]

Clap, what, clap

Thizzin' in the wash house

I'm in the wash house

I'm in the wash house thizzin'


Clap you beezy you beezy clap!

Clap you beezy you beezy clap!

Clap you beezy you beezy clap!

Clap you beezy you beezy clap!

Now go: [Mac Dre makes noise with his mouth]

[Mac Dre]

Listen up I'm about to get doper

They call me Mr. Furly but I'm more like Mr. Roper

Roper smoker

No so fuck a chauffeur

I use my own bow so I can toke the super soaker

Use the post up on the block with my toaster

Now I eat MC's like frozen food from Stouffers

Most these dudes is jokers

Hopeless no focus [no focus]

Underground like gofers

Gettin' stocked like drawers

Hocus Pocus

Abra-Cadabra (Cadabra)

You can put the whistle on a 7-7 Maverick (7-7 Maverick)

Nigga pack a pistol when he ain't scared to blast it (ain't scared to blast it)

Nigga it's official you can catch me in the traffic (in the traffic)

In the Benz on them rims that spin (that spin)

Checkin' chins, fuck friends, stack ends (stack ends)

It's Mac and I'm back and I'm smackin' (Thizz!)

This be the slap and get yo hands clappin'

[Chorus] x2]

Mic check one, two (one, two)

Tell you what I'm gon' do (gon' do)

Grab a juice and pop two (pop two)

Then act a mutha fuckin' fool

I'mma fool

[Mac Dre]

I'm a pimp and a playa

My diamonds gleam (bling, bling)

I'm a Giant, a Raider, boy I'm a King (I'm a King)

Totin' the cater under my wing [under my wing]

I'm dumb and don't care nigga what you mean (what you mean)

Pass the heam

Thizz, weed, so I can get started (so I canget started)

Dre that is me

I can get retarded (I can get retarded)

I can get the party crackin' when it's yawnin' (it's yawnin')

And the bitches won't leave 'til six in tha mornin'

If you condonin' that bullshit, stop it (stop it)

'fo I unlock it, cock it, and cop it (cop it)

Nigga watch it

You fuckin' wit the Vay boy (Vay boy)

Mac Dre boy all damn day boy (all damn day boy)

Flam-Bay boy

I'll make it sizzle (I'll make it sizzle)

It the wash house

Gone off a thizzle (Gone off a thizzle)

It's trizzle my nizzle (my nizzle)

Come visit the Country Club (the Country Club)

And see what iiiiiis it? (what iiiiis it?)

What iiiiis it?

[Chorus x2]

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