M-CHILD - All Hoez Eat Boody lyrics

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[Chorus x2]

Bitches ain't shit but hoez and tricks

All all hoez eat boody

Some suckin' dick

Some lickin' the click

All all hoez eat boody


Yo I be up in the club standin' back against the wall

Bitches be on my dick bouncin' like a basketball

They pussy be wet cause my finger be right up in 'em

After the club close, yo my dick be in 'em

I be fucking sideways

I put hickeys on they tits

Plus I fuck 'em from the back

Cause they likin' that shit

Telling me ?

Legs wrapped around me like spaghetti wrapped around my fork

My cheese I never give 'em, happiness you better bring

Like an angel with no wings, far from a vivrant thing

You naughty bitch, you dirty bitch

Shake somein'

I said your horny hoe, you freaky hoe

Fuck somein'

I be tellin' my niggas, never let them hoes fool 'ya

Cause if they in the club, on a dick they wanna chew 'ya

They undercover hoes, they baby mama hoes

They down for whatever, if they taking off they clothes

[Chorus x2]


Receiving my cash, who will be next to lick my ass

Through me and my niggas with no problems and don't get mad

Go tell your friends, tell 'em to come and get some dick

The rubber comin' off, flavors just like a popsicle stick

I'm down for the three some, but I never will eat 'ya

If you like it hard and rough, then like a bitch I'ma treat 'ya

All you see is dick up in your face, you mind if I skeet 'ya

Suckin' my leave it to beaver, you be cold as a freezer

You better watch your ?, I'll hate to have to hit 'ya

Peel skin out my head, off top I will have to dismiss 'ya

You get the picture, If you be chewin' I can't kiss 'ya

Those lips can't touch my weed, sure as hell can't drink my liquor

A wild nigga, fucking since I came out the woumb

Clean as a whistle, comin' to your neighborhood soon

I know your down , If your with it yo lets begin

Cause me and my boys ready from beginning to the end

[Chorus x2]

[Lil' E]

Mayne I thought you knew the what

That we be fucking all these ?

I'm that Lil' E from the thugs

Dirty hoes we love to fuck

Now I'm sittin' back blazin' blunts

Better make your hoe a star

Riddin' wid my nigga Mack

? up in the car

We be ballin' out of control

Mayne them hoes be lovin' that

Flex up on the scene, lookin' clean in the Cadillac

I'ma keep it real with 'ya

Mayne your hoes they sucked our dick

Me and M-Child ? , from that dirty dirty bitch


Turnin' turnin' bitches out

We be freakin' bitches out

Me and my nigga Lil' E

We ? put 'em on the house

Put some dick up in yo mouth

Got you screamin' dirty south

Throw them O's on them hoes

Yeah that's what I'm talkin bout

If you wanna be on tape, then we can put your ass on tape

Sign your name right on the dotted line

So you won't call rape

Sign, sealed, deliver a done deal now it's on

Take off your fucken clothes I'm ready to get it on


[Chorus x2]

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