LYRICS BORN - Pack Up (Remix) lyrics

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(feat. Evidence, KRS-One)

La-la-la-la-ladies and gentlemen. (WOOOOO)

[Speaking taking place over scratching on the beat]

Throw your hands up

This is it right here. KRS-One. Dialated

My name is Lyrics Born

Lyrics Born, you gotta hear it. Yes indeed

The follow crew. Performing this right here

Jump all the garbage bags

Yo, Let it go Ev

This, this this is a major affair


Yea, pack up Evidence exceptional

To be on time is late, to be late's unacceptable

Of course I talk about myself in third person

Long overdue, set to blow for certain

Three LP's under Capitol Regime

"Platform", "Neighborhood Watch". "Expansion Team"

LA's finest, opening shows I'm headlining

Sometimes its meet-and-greet or in-store signings

A lot of cats claimin' pro-game on amateurs

It ain't a good look dog, your hype man's your manager

I seen Lyrics Born perform its curtains

You hit the stage and cause a storm, you know it's working

Weatherman said bring umbrellas tonight

And Dave Letterman said y'all fellas are tight

This is a remix of "Steady Be Serious"

Dialated, KRS-One, our styles are furious

[Speaking taking place over scratching on the beat]


The the the rough mic's up. KRS-One, ONE, ONE

Pick up the mic and give the iller talk

My my my name is, Ly-ly-ly-lyrics Born

Check it out now, I'm the rapper with the deadliest aim

Ya gotta, see-see me-me do my thing

[Lyrics Born]

You know the voice soon as you hear it

Name is Lyrics Born from the legendary crew Latyrx

Pump fear inside your heart until your face is transparent

Type of terror that your children will inherit, you seen a paranormal spirit

Paranoid, I'm a crazy-ass Iroquois

Breakin five-star generals down to errand boys

Claim your territory, redistribute it among, we who

contributed to, this country, we livin in

Cause, these percentages that, we been given

ain't hardly indicative, of what we, put into it

So believe me peasants you in the presence of excellence

Lyrics Born, KRS-One and Evidence

Bow down and kiss the Timbalands

Matter fact, kiss the lizard skins

God damn it, while you're at it, kiss the Michelins

I pop my collar, while I pop your coalition

Now a cop showing up 'cause you got a new partnership

I'll shock your noggin like a soft pinada

Getting flauked with the lords when shocked right by the buckets

I can make any music that I want but I make HIP-HOP-hop-hop

[Speaking taking place over scratching on the beat]

MY Name is Lyrics Born

Time, time time to bring the busy kids

Ev-Evidence, quick to spill ILL shit

Bringin eight-eight-eightyeight back

Like This y'all


Where my socks at, jacket at, shoes at

Twenty city tour, fo sho we gonna do that

Runnin through that, where my crew at

We the best live MC's in the world, but you already knew dat


Got you whack-ass rappers yellin RUN, RUN, RUN

Yo son, hold your horses

Retreat from the streets and count your losses

We teach hip-hop courses constantly

At the university, givin "My Philosophy"

Don't try stopping me, lyric monopoly

All you iced out rappers, y'all just ain't hot to me

See, the hip-hop in me, it's authentic

We at the birth of a nation and y'all don't get it

All that kiddy-titty talk, yo I ain't with it

If you ain't "Ready to Die" then don't spit it

Where the critics, where they at now, we losin 'em

Look at all these conscious rappers, guess who influenced 'em

To them young cats, all of this is new to them

But I remember, you, you and you tried to ruin 'em

Knowledge does reign supreme

When you sitting in a cell, then you'll see what it mean

While you livin in hell, you can count your cream

Does this ring a bell, "I Have a Dream"

[Speaking taking place over scratching on the beat]

La-La-la-ladies and gentleman

Yea, good lookin jobo. WOOO

No doubt, remember that day

This y'all, word up. REAL HIP-HOP

This is history in the making

Hope y'all know what to do with this out there

We came to party down

Hold the area, I love y'all

That's it right there, thats it

This, this is a major affair

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