LYRICS BORN - I Can't Wait For Your Love (Limited Time Offer) lyrics

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(feat. Joyo Velarde)

[Verse 1]

I got to put this down for real man, I got to be honest

I can't be worried 'bout, all the fellas, little sad commas

They all think that they experts, and yet they got drama

I love 'em, they my partners but tommorow's not promised

And life is too short to really not do it big

And I can't live it, thinkin what I could or should've did

'Cause at some point, you really gotta take that leap of faith

And do exactly what your homeboy said wasn't safe

'Cause I really do believe that god awards risk

Especially with love man, 'cause that's the hardest shit

To give yourself a hundred percent in this partnership

For a lot of people, that's just a little hard to give

But if it feels right, it clicks and everything's legit

We could have it for a minute, ain't nobody really trip

And in your heart you say, it can't get deeper than this

Then there really ain't no reason why it shouldn't be it

[Chorus x4: Joyo Velarde]

I can't wait for your looooove

[Verse 2]

They say that man choose with their eyes, Women choose with their ears

Whatever choice it was we made, brought us here

Some decisions we make out of faith, some out of fear

Sometimes it's so confusin, we don't know which way to steer

Some of us have been through so much in life already

That we totally lost, the desire to feel anything

Ice cold below, the fire below senegrate

Behind ninety foot walls, that can't nobody penetrate

A lot of cats out there was damaged

They feel they gotta act a certain way, otherwise there ain't manership

A lotta women got issues with trust

'Cause the man that they love had bounced on 'em more than once

But you know we all been there, it's not that bomb at all

Just chop it as a loss, get back up and walk it off

Can't wave the white flag, can't throw in the towel

Love is a limited time offer, act now


Can you hear me, I'm callin. Can you hear me?

I'm callin. Can you hear me?

[Verse 3]

There ain't no love in your love, then that's some sad ass shit

This woman I got, she the bad ass shit

That's no exxageration, man I'm sayin she was true

Other women walk by, they go bow, wince and lue

I'm commited but now, I'm not blind, I been around

Believe me when I tell ya she shoppin 'em all down

And I really don't know where I'd be without her

But when I say that, I don't stutter, mutter or slur

'Cause many times I was lost, with my focus at a side

Everytime, there she was, pointin at the finish line

There ain't never been a moment where she was in need

I wasn't right there with her, goin at the same speed

What makes it so beautiful and unsual is that it's mutual

And if the two of use are gonna have a future, that's crucial

Rest assure, I ain't goin nowhere

And I ain't sayin that just 'cause she's right here, right here

[Chorus x2]

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