LYRICS BORN - Hott People lyrics

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For all the late night peoples out there

"Rock rock y'all.." [x2]

"Rock y'all.." [x2]

".. and let's do it!"

[Lyrics Born]

You know there comes a time in everybody's life when

we just need a little bit of guidance

You know we get a little lost in the fog

and it sort of impedes our vision

But there's a way that we can figure it all out

and make it happen, make it work

The purpose of producin beautiful soul music is two-fold

One is fun - two goes to mute all the roof hogs

Let's build, useful tools, find some resolution in our lives

Three's to get your groove on, but it ain't like there's no

particular order, this ain't a true/false, answer only part of it

Everything's got an art to it

So we bottle it, market it, it don't hold water

well then we sharpen it, carve a little niche where we can all exist

as ourselves, not our sales

Despite our ails (OOH DO TELL!)

Cause I can't part with the alcohol, no doubt bruh

And on that note, I'm like my Southpaw Grandpah

He used to get his lamp on, he used to giggle at Tampons

And I'm probably not supposed to talk about that part

who cares though that's not important

I really broke all the sample laws with this damn song

so now I'm an outlaw

But it's time, we started talkin havin dialogue and bein honest

What's the other options - walk around, bottled up all hot and bothered

Makin assumptions and nothin gets accomplished

Can we set it off properly please?

[Chorus x2: Lyrics Born]

To the people, the people

To the people, the people

To the people people people

To the people (You're HOTT)

[Lyrics Born]

Yeah.. feelin good.. ("rock rock" .. "rock rock y'all")

The purpose of producin beautiful soul music is two-fold

One is fun - two goes to glue all the loopholes

Music is fuel, to get us where we goin in our lives

Three is still to groove on, but it ain't like there's a

paricular void, that's true though, that's my whole argument

That's where I'm at, there's where I've always been

Cause we've made accomplishments, we just need to proceed

with the utmost confidence - so, whether that encompasses you

signing up with your community nautilus

Buy a couple joggin suits, hop up on that pommel horse

and burn some ounces off your gluts, your upper abdominals

Openin offices, in major metropolises

Get some flossy cards, your logo embossed on em

Not the cost effective models

where you gotta cross the old pager number off the bottom

and draw, all kinds of lines all across it

and write your mom's spot, on top, and along the side of em

like, "Aww man, my pencil's not sharp -- know what?

Let me, let me just get your card, tight

Also, is it possible, can you run me by a Jack in the Box?"

Like I should, open office, minimize losses

Reinvest profits, we refine the process

by readin all the options, keepin all we promised

So we not caught up, all the fellas with the pants down

ladies caught topless, showin they casabas

Ignore that garbage, that was just some old nonsense

Strictly off the top shit, measurin the progress

The heart has the yardstick, anything else? Uhh yes..

"rock rock y'all.. a rock rock y'all.. and let's do it!"

[Chorus x2 w/ variations]

[Lyrics Born]


This is the message that I'm tryin to get out to all the people

(What's that?) Just that we gotta stay positive, y'know?

Keep it (HOTT) Yeah (KEEP IT HOTT)

That's right, keep it sizzlin (REAL HOTT)




"ah rock rock y'all" [x2]

"rock y'all", "ah rock rock y'all"

"rock y'all", "and let's do it!"

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