LYRICS BORN - Do That There lyrics

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(feat. Cut Chemist)

Now he comes close gets crushed like clay pots

With unlimited flows never stay in the same spot

Everything in lock got a place to make rock

If you feel it in your heart reach out like Redd Foxx

Baby hop on board, you don't need your pay stubs

in the galaxy bus we pullin out all stops

From the bay to LA just like the great Pac

Big shout to my man Cut Chemist and J5

All my women in the spot thats makin the place pop

That branch from bass chocolate

Asian, good god, go in, state the obvious

Legs and tank tops

Y'all keep on truckin y'all doin a great job

For ain't no stage I won't take from playin cards

In the burgundy coats, snake boots and black socks

On the barbary coast playin host to ex wives

With the bubbly flowin cuff links and fake locks

[Chorus: x2]

When I do that damn thing

I do that damn thing

I do that damn thing

I do that there

Now I am a warrior faith heed

The soldier

one day at the altar mid general

called me in to headquarters, gave me an order

son I bestow the gift of rap on ya

fight for the cause but don't be a martyr

I'm your DJ on the steel wheel of fortune

Get me an art against lay before you show this to four more ways to change culture?

To guess the trouble is when he did what he did

Bless me with excellence with the bat and the pen


I'm so real y'all pretend

Pettiness ain't my thing, never has, never been

So many of y'all MC's

never passed the entry level position

I'm guessin eventually

Y'all feel so empty disappear gently

Like a whisper in the wind come messin with LB


Whoa... Cut Chemist

Whoa... Bring it back now

Well abracadrabra I saddled up a camel

Travelled the Sahara and the avenues of Casablanca

ran into the ... family?

Snackin on the abba-zabba cabbage patch

And practising the macarena with who?

Santana, Santa, a panda, my gramma

Dracula, Aladdin and the Dalai Lama

Beretta and a mannequin

And then I slipped on a banana landed on a hammock

In Havana sippin on a can of apple Fanta

Bit by a piranha when I swam into Atlantis

On the back of a manta I paddled with a spatula

Back to Atlanta where I had a

hamburger with Hammers manager

Afterwards he handed me eleven laminates for

The Tropicana where I had a romantic encounter

With Janet, Pamela, Tamara, Selma, Anna, Calamity Jane

Samantha vanity, Miss Japan, Canada

and Bananarama in the back of an Acura


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