LYRICS BORN - Cold Call lyrics

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(feat. Gift of Gab)

[Lyrics Born:] Lemme call this fool Gab

["Mary Had a Little Lamb" dial]




[Gift of Gab:] Hello?

[LB:] 'Sup, man?

[GG:] Chillin'

[LB:] Yea?

[GG:] Yea, 'fin (?) to write these lyrics down. What's going on with you?

[LB:] Man... Nothing. Just... Whatever, dude

[GG:] Well why, w-wsup wsup?

[LB:] Nothing man. Just hella stressed out about certain shit right now

Man, it's hella personal shit going down

[GG:] Wow, like that?

[LB:] Yea, man, it's kinda fast

One 'a those moments where, like, I don't feel like I have control over my

life, and all the checks that were supposed to arrive didn't

There's hella politics now in my social life over some bullshit somebody had

told sombody

[GG:] Daaamn

[LB:] Yea, man. So, you know, I shouldn't even 'of told you that

Man, I shouldn't even unload like that

[GG:] Maaan

[LB:] I know. it's just one 'a those moments in time where everything coincides

and it comes together at once and then it all collides

[GG:] Man, I feel that though

[LB:] Anyway, what's goin' on witchu?

[GG:] Aw, man *beep*, just tryin' to do it. Hold on, man, somebody's on my other

line. Imma hit chu right back, aiite?

[LB:] (Coo)


[Telemarketer:] We wanna talk to you (hoo)

[GG:] I don't wanna talk right now. I'm on the other line. I'm busy

[TM:] We wanna talk to you

[GG:] I said I don't wanna talk right now. w-

[TM:] But we wanna talk to you (hoo ooo ooo)

[GG:] I don't wanna talk right now!

[TM:] We wanna talk to you

[GG:] (Damn). I'm hangin' up. I'm hangin' up. BYE


[GG:] Hey yo, I'm back, man

[LB:] Cool, man. 'Sup with it?

[GG:] Really, just trying not to think so much

[LB:] Mmm

[GG:] 'n keep my feet up. Make this boy still (?). Stopped smokin' cigarettes

Butts not stinking up my room. Feelin' I've this new diet

[LB:] Word?

[GG:] Really just trying to get my health right. Feelin' I'm just like this crap

coolin' out. Writin' raps. Chillin'- Chillin'

[LB:] Uhn

[GG:] Feel me?

[LB:] I feel it. I feel- Wait, man. You stopped smoking all those Marlboros?

[GG:] Yep

[LB:] How long ago, man? I'm proud of you, bro

[GG:] Man, four weeks. I ain't trippin', though, s'all good. Four weeks

Yo, man, you know me, (homie)

[LB:] Aw, you really think you smoke more phillies since you quit and them

millions of little Virginia Slims?

[GG:] Originally I was smokin' more of them anyway. Really rememberin' back to

when I wasn't really into them since. They was killin' me, though

so I had to get rid of 'em

Anyway, whatchu gettin' into this wednesday, bro?

[GG:] Wednesday... [snap]

Let me think... [snap]

Was that the fifteenth? [snap]

Well see, the rent's paid. [snap]

Got the Net's game- [beep]

Hold on, my shit's ringing


[TM:] We wanna talk to you (hoo)

[LB:] Ah...shii..

[TM:] We wanna talk to you

[LB:] I don- I don't- I don't wanna talk to you, though

[TM:] But we wanna talk to you (hoo ooo ooo)

[LB:] Fuck this!

[TM:] We wanna talk to you

[LB:] Aite, check this out? I'm about to hang up on youuuu


[LB:] Alright, I'm back, man

[GG:] Hey, who was that, man?

[LB:] Fuckin' telemarketers callin' my apartment offerin' nothing, botherin' me

constantly, (man)

[GG:] Yea, always just stalkin' cats. There should be laws against this nonsense

[LB:] First of all, what kind of a person gets involved with these vermin making

service calls?

[GG:] "Can I call you by your first name, Tom?"

Man, that ain't workin' *beep*

Wait, hold on, that echo again, man. This shit's irkin' me. I'm about to

talk to 'em. Hold on

LB: Naw, fuck that, I'm gone-


[GG:] Hello?

Gertrude Warner: Hello, am I speaking to the head of the household, sir?

[GG:] No

[GW:] Perfect. My name is Gertrude Warner, and I've got some super news!

[GG:] This isn't a good time

[GW:] Sure it is. We understand you may be feeling a little nervous

[GG:] Nah uh

[GW:] Now, we could send a representative right out

[GG:] I don't really need anything at this time

[GW:] Oh, I doubt that. Anyway, your address is two two four-

[GG:] No!

[GW:] Yes, I know, too. Is evening time better for you or is daytime?

[GG:] No time at-

[GW:] Perfect! You deserve only the best service. First thing thursday, then

[GG:] No!

[GW:] Perfect. Eight thirty it is, you early bird

Now, my supervisor will be calling you back to confirm this purchase


[GW:] Certainly

This is Gertrude Warner, your (GG: The fuck??) courtesy clerk, saying

goodbye and thank you for choosing us, sir


[dial tone]

[GG:] ...Wha??


[GG:] Yo, LB? LB?

[TM:] We wanna talk to you (hoo)


TM: We wanna talk to you

TM: But we wanna talk to you (hoo ooo ooo)

TM: We wanna talk to you- talk to you- talk to you-


[dial tone]

[Sample:] If you'd like to make a call, please hang up- please hang up, and try

again. [x2]

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