Luscious Jackson

Luscious Jackson - One Thing

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something wrong's goin' on today...

people with nothing getting thrown away

too much blood spilled by diseased minds

filled with fear, yeah they're all filled with fear

so many broken faces

everywhere i look

killing of spirits people hold the power

lights in their eyes have been

turned off for so long

everybody, everybody's tryin' to make a dollar

made marvin scream

made him wanna holler

this ain't livin''s just surviving

don't you know, this ain't livin'

it's just surviving

(one thing i know for sure is


something just ain't right)

that man with no home

was once a baby

a little baby

that lady with no home

can't remember

how she got there

so afraid of what you can't understand

try harder to compreehend

feelings of guilt keep pouring down

deny deny it will eeat you up insidee

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