Lulu - Make Life Rhyme lyrics

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Some nights you'll find me riding down, might fall some paper

All sorts of different thoughts by many different times

Sometimes I ran by all the givers and the takers

What a thought back then and how I've changed my mind


I still need a reason (woah-oh)

Before I start believin' (woah-oh)

I just got to have a reason (woah-oh)

To make life rhyme (woah-oh)

To make life rhyme (woah-oh)

(Verse 2)

When I think back on all the years that I was hiding

So scared that you might find out who I really was

What was I afraid you'd see if you should find me?

Baby, you'd think that I was never really lost



No more trouble, no more pain cuz I found something

To make life rhyme again, I just got to have a reason

Before I'll start believing, yeah, there's got to be a reason

To make life, to make life rhyme


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