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See, I could write another song about money

I could write another song about fame

Only see yo neighbor smile, when life's sunny

And everyone around me seems to look the same


So tell me left, Mrs. Can't Commit

And tell me why you're scared to speak, Mr. Won't Say Shit

I know ya, yeah ya, ya remind me of a friend

And I, I mean he, well he luvs to pretend

He works late nights cuz he's scared of the light

So he closes up the shutters and he writes, damn

Nigga probably do this all his life, man

The only noises comin' from inside of him - I


See, I just got a feelin' today

Ya know I, no way, see I ain't going to change

See I got to be, I want to be, I'm just going be me

See even when I'm runnin' from hell

I just keep on saying 'tell me why would I try to change myself?'

(Verse 2)

I try to disenvolve myself with shame

I'm always in yo life, but neva look the same

There's a monster inside of me that I don't want to tame

I wish I could fall in luv without eva knowin' her name, now

Wouldn't that be sumethin' of a fairy tale?

Just met this girl but I feel like I know her very well

Maybe cuz it's me I see inside of her

Or maybe if I squint then it's the opposite that hides in her



Wrote this song when I was 15

It got betta reactions than when Michelangelo did the Sistine

Chapel, actually, luv is hard to receive

So I just figured I'd thank them and continue as me

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