Luke Bryan

Luke Bryan - Scarecrows

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We didn't have no downtown strip

We'd all pile in and take a 2 mile trip

To where the road runs out

Sit there and sip on whateva anybody's older brother could get

Where we worked in the dirt and fell in luv

Got my heart broke, broke down my truck

Tryna spin out, show off in that mud too many times


So much has changed

But then again, it ain't


Just like the scarecrows, even when the wind blows

We keep our boots and our roots in these cornrows

Where we threw down and we passed it around every Friday night

Just some old plowboys pretendin' we're cowboys

We came from nothin', oh, but look at us now, boys

Even when we leave here, we'll always be here, whereva we go

Just like the scarecrows

(Verse 2)

I don't get back near enough and just like these fields

Yeah, we all grow up

And it takes a lil mo' than a paper cup to get dizzy

This hundred acre stretch is buried in my bones

Don't matter how long that I've been gone

I can be anywhere and some song comes on

And it's like I neva left home



So much has changed

But then again, it ain't


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