Luke Bryan

Luke Bryan - Kill The Lights

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High beams, u and me, lil back road, barely see

Right song, radio, throw it in low and drive slow

I saw u and it lit me up

A girl like u, it's just 2 much


Kill the lights, kill the lights

You can take me there tonight

We can make some sparks fly

We can make the dark cry

Feel the ride, take me high

The yellow moon in ur eyes

Lost in ur slow stare

In the middle of nowhere

Skin on skin, don't care where we've been

Pull me in and kill the lights

(Verse 2)

We can feel our way through

Lemme just hold on to u

Baby, trust my hands

Live it up while we still can and



Don't it feel right

Until the sunrise

We can just go on what we know


Can't help but want to want ya

U want to do this don't ya

Come here, let me pull u closer

U reach ova and




Kill the lights

Baby, u and me, kill the lights

Kill the lights

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