Luke Bryan

Luke Bryan - Just Over

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She called and said she wanted to see me

I say, 'Yeah, that's fine, baby, drop on by'

I figured I could make it betta

Just like every otha time we had this fight

Of all the kind of ova it could've been

I never would've bet on this


I was thinkin' she would come ova, stay ova

Wake up hungova, still head ova heels for me

Thought it was somethin' we could talk ova

Drink ova, then it would be ova

Back to how it used to be

No, but it's the kind where the sheets get colder

And she don't need no shoulder to cry on

She's gone, she ain't pullin' ova, it's just ova

(Verse 2)

When she left the kitchen, she left no questions

I said where in the world did I go wrong?

And it don't matter where she's headed

She's gone, gone, gone



Like the page, she's turnin' ova

Like the light, she's startin' ova

Without me


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