Luke Bryan

Luke Bryan - Home Alone Tonight

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Ft. Karen Fairchild


What u doin' in this place?

(Well, I could probably ask u the same thing)

Another round, girl, what u think?

(If you're buyin', well, u know I'll drink

Some, make it 707)

Do u want it on the rocks?

(A double shot of heaven)

Spillin' out the top & we'll go


Shot, for shot, for shot

Till we forgot what we came here to forget

Ain't a clock, a tick, a tock, that's gonna stop

A night that we won't regret

So put ur drink down, throw ur camera up

Flip it around and snap a payback picture

(Send it to my ex) I'll send it to my ex

And send them both a text sayin'

'We ain't goin' home alone tonight'

Girl u ain't gotta, I ain't gotta go

Home alone tonight

(Verse 2)

Slow country from a country band

(I got u covered if u don't know how to dance

But if u want we could grab a cab)

Girl, we got all night, I got a bottomless tab

So let's go



It feels too good to let it end right here

I ain't goin' home alone tonight

(So, let's not let it end, let it end right here)

Girl, you're goin' home with me

So let's go



(No, I ain't goin' home alone tonight)

Girl, u ain't gotta, I ain't gotta go

Home alone tonight

(Baby, don't let me go home alone)

Home alone tonight

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