LUDACRIS - Walk Thru My Hood (Freestyle) lyrics

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Yeah, shout out to all the fans, man

I appreciate all the positive feedback

Luda verses, I know this is just a lil tease

But goddammit, the album is comin' soon

I'm just doin' this to exercise, ya know how it go


Nowadays, all these rappers in the game - they so shady!

No pressure, seems I have to air 'em out like Tom Grady

I been actin' real civil, round this time I'm goin' street

Mo like 'why ya suckin' em ______(?) you don't get that shit to please'

Motor beats, mow every time I touch the mic I go and spaz out

These rappers is nothing but garbage, my momma always told me to take the trash out

I'm passed out, on my front lawn I've been geekin'

I tool my private jet and just went flyin' for the week-end

Bitch, I had no destination, I just flew to burn gas

I be cruisin' ova every rapper's tourbus, land at the mall then burn cash

What's the depth? Fresh to death! Designer watch, designer chain

Designer whips and designer bitches, designer suits and designer frames

You otha rappers can't fuck with a nigga like me

I'm the captain of this spaceship! Y'all niggas still saving up

And meanwhile all I do is waste shit

I pour that Louis XIII Black Pearl like it's water

At $22,000 a bottle I'm telling all daddies to watch they daughters

I'm telling all daughters to watch they mouth

It might end up on a rich nigga, so whacya got a boyfriend

I heard he soft as chinchilla, Ben Stiller, private island hopper

Chopper bundle (don't look!) magic city, my dames pop that pussy fo' 100



Hell yeah, man!

Burning Bridges, the EP, this is a fucking classic song

EP, nigga! You can get that shit right now


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