LUDACRIS - V-Day lyrics

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It’s the motherfucking LA Leakers

Leaks of the industry

The Los Angeles Leakers

They call me money making Luda, flipping bread like a spatula

Every verse I spit is nothing less than spectacular

Check my binocular, attacking rappers from their necks up

Your money feeling down, go to the doctor, get your check up

West up, for this lyrical whooping I’m about to unwind

With dumb rhymes that will finish your whole career off in one line

I got signed in 2000, been killing ever since

Just a sport thousand dollar, YSL’s with leper prince

And I’ll put a foot in your ass for talking reckless or saying I’m not the best

It’s get screwed like you in Texas, I check ‘em right off the checklist

I tell ‘em go tell they mama

It’s like I’m Vinnie Chase and these rappers is Johnny Drama

My answer rises thick, I take ‘em back to the basics

They wouldn’t make the cut, I see clearer if they got lasic

Like it’s Mission Impossible and they operation shutdown

Still hold the title in the South so rappers what now?

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