LUDACRIS - Tom Ford (Freestyle) lyrics

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You know what it is

Niggas talk about Luda being done, man

I just laugh at that shit

I'm just doin' other shit (fuck outta here)

Matter fact, look, my nigga


I'm a road dog

And all my dawgs on the road

Don't put your fingers on my whip

Or my bitch might explode

Some say it's suckerproof

If you's a trip, I can tell it

I sprayed my whole damn whip with broke nigga repellance

Step away from the vehicle

We should all be so simple, but chose a groopie

And I bought that whip right there with a check

That I got from a fuckin' movie

Luda, Hollywood, Hollywood, nigga

But still rappin' like I just got out the hood, nigga

College park where I've been

South side, I'm locked in

We double parked on my blocks

So my block got you blocked in

I dare yo ass to say sum'

Or we might just take some

Open up that can of rabies

This Glock might just spray some

You insect, we been prepped

You get wet from these 10 Techs

Shoot it out, stab it out

Or knuckle up and get chin-checked

I'm a lover, not a fighter

A nibbler, not a biter

But I'm all about that life, dawg

Tryna break in my house

And you might find yo wife, dawg

But you also gon' see too dogs that attack

And that's ready to take a bite out yo ass

You can try to fight it, but I'm here to let you know

I can guarantee that your fight won't last

You gon' be dead meat

Nigga, puppet child

I be like ding ding ding ding, who else is hungry now?

Come and get it, my dawgs will chew and spit it

Your body's a wishbone and this chopper will come and skin it

Ludacris, I'm kinda crazy with these metaphors

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