LUDACRIS - Throw Sum Mo (Freestyle) lyrics

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Use a hoe

Use a hoe

Hear these verses and use a hoe

Nothing to it but to do it

I’m all about that dumb shit

Nigga you don’t run shit

Be careful hoe

You’re slippin’ up

I heard them boys were deep

But I don’t really give a fuck

See one of my niggaz will fight to it

Don’t drop

Got a bunch of gorillas ,and drug killers and dealers

None of these niggaz is gonna starve

I had enough of this playing disrespect

It’s time to let a nigga know

Late night I put the nigga on the top of the balcony

But I should let the nigga go

I’ll teach you about some manners

I’ll teach you about respect

I’ll teach you about that gold chain

Hanging around that motherfuckin’ neck

I ain’t done

Look up at all your shit

And get back where you came from

Nigga I ain’t the one

So miss me with that bullshit

Internet thumb thuggers empty out a full click

Time after time

Like I'mma take it up after I wake up

But rhyme after rhyme, Ludacris spit a verse

And rappers just shake up

I’m all about my paper

I could give a damn about a hater later

So all my niggaz are indicators

A nigga step up like stay up

You really hurt my feelings

You really got to chill

I cry and wipe my tears

With hundred dollar bills

Fuck you all I’m self-made

I hustle hard

I’ve been thrilled

Couple of checks from Hollywood

But I’m hungry with that pistil

Got 10 houses all paid for

Job niggaz pay rent still

How you feeling about that, bitchy ass niggaz?

Be afraid

Be very afraid

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