LUDACRIS - One Time (Freestyle) lyrics

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Let the parry day count down, begin man

In the studio every motherfucking day,

I told ya, your hunger’s real

Been doin’ this shit too long, man

Seams I gotta take these niggas to school

Eight hours, let’s go


Classy is on session for little nigga for Atlanta with life complexions

Stepping on the truck and then I get it in the verse

Put the robbers I the verse, this my profession

I keep ‘em guessin’

Don’t nobody wanna taste it

If you don’t want it up and your baby mamma

Somebody find a way to arrest him

Two hands cuffin’

Mm I dance sucker, keep that pussy to a pof then I let my man fuck ‘em

I'm gone, I'm trippy, I'm high off that medicinal

That strong, that sticky, that critical condition

Is lil vake, is Luda and got it all together

Yeah we smoke some booda

Was cool but we feel better enough

I got hella game and hella dollars

Trade it in that rain and just got three implores

Rolling like a G and pended corners on D-s

Stand and count imps with bank account over seas

Splitting no more tears and dropping the top on V-s

Another rappers popping G’s but the bitches popping peas

Popping, popping, popping,

Alright, they having too much fucking for a man

LudaVerses, more steady verse

I’mma drilling in your head until your dogs are fuck off man

Let’s go!

Move and say with us

Just wait for

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