Master of the ludaverse, his 8th highly expected album has hit stores: Ludaversal

Master of the ludaverse, his 8th highly expected album has hit stores: LudaversalUniversal - Ludaversal. Ludacris has these little word games mingled all up in his new album. Highly expected, advertised in over 10 Ludacris single tracks that eventually came to be on the album. Don't fret, the album has 18 tracks, so you're surely get your money's worth.

You remember that performance Ludacris gave after winning Best Rap Album at the 49th Annual Grammy Awards. He read like 40 names off a list, thanked record labels, producers, radio stations, his home town, people he loved, including his mom, wife and daughter, and then, when he was outta breath, thanks and sends out love to his father, Wayne Bridges. His father died right after Ludacris won the award, and he felt (it's sure as hell what we felt) that he needed to make a song about his father, to tell the story and set things straight between the two of them, now, at the 24th hour, after Wayne Bridges had passed away. There's alcohol abuse involved, there's domestic violence, hard night recollected through the eyes of a young and frightened Christopher Bridges. We can understand why the "last but not least" in his Grammy speech. No matter how politically correct that phrase may be, if you really wanna mention someone, you mention his prior to everyone else, not "last but not least". Somebody else is least, but the "last but not least" isn't far off, is he? He's sure as hell not first. Ocean Skies, the song we're talking about, is very touching, and it features vocals from Monica, one of the lead singers of the R&B duo Monica & Brandy.

Be sure to check out the rest of the album too, cuz there are some Usher and Rick Ross songs there that you don't wanna miss. LUDA!

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