LUDACRIS - My Chick Bad lyrics

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(feat. Nicki Minaj)


My chick bad

My chick hood

My chick do stuff dat yo chick wish she could


My chick bad, better (better) than good

My my chick bad, better (badder) than hood

My my my chick bad, badder (badder) than yours

[Ludacris - Verse 1]

Listen I'm saying my chick bad

My chick hood

My chick do stuff that your chick wish she could

My chick bad, badder than yours

My chick do stuff that I can't even put in words

Her swagger don't stop

Her body won't quit

So fool pipe down you ain't talkin bout shit

My chick bad, tell me if you seen her

She always bring the racket like Venus and Serena

All white top, all white belt

And all white jeans, body looking like milk

No time for games, she's full grown

My chick bad, tell your chick to go home


[Ludacris - Verse 2]

Now your girl might be sick but my girl sicker

She rides that dick and she handles her liquor

She knock a bitch out aaaand fight

Coming out swinging like Tiger Woods wife

Yeah she could get a little hasty

Chicks better cover up they chests like pasty's

Couple girl friends and they all a little crazy

Coming down the street like a parade Macy's

I fill her up balloons

Test her and guns get drawn like cartoons

Doh, but I aint talkin bout homer

Chick so bad the whole crew wanna bone her


[Nicki Minaj]

Yo, yo now (now, now, now, now) all these bitches wanna try and be my bestie

But I take a left and leave them hanging like a teste

Trash talk to em then I put em in a hefty

Running down a court Im dunkin on them Lisa Leslie

It's going down, basement, Friday the 13th guess who's playing Jason

Tuck yourself in you better hold on to your teddy

It's nightmare on Elm street and guess who's playing Freddy

(My chick bad)

Chef cooking for me, they say my shoe game crazy

The mental Asylum looking for me

You a rookie to me

I'm in dat bam wam purple Lam' damn bitch you been a fan.



And When We All Alone (I might just tip her) she slides down the pole (Like a certified stripper)

(Repeat 4x)

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Wednesday 3rd of October 2012 16:54
luda -:)
Tuesday 13th of March 2012 14:33
Mr Bad boy Ludacris!!! Luda is so cute...i would marry him...
Wednesday 22nd of December 2010 19:04
Friday 18th of June 2010 23:48
luda is so adoriable in this music video.