LUDACRIS - Lunch Money (Freestyle) lyrics

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Smoke some, yeah I desire another blunt

Keep it 5 like Donald Trump

Fuck you all, I’m riding to the mafia

Slap a bitch silly put a milly in my duffle bag

Hustle back, growling like a wolf that's on Wall Street

Mink on my floor boards, ostrich on my car seats

And the steering wheel, I paid a couple cheese for it

Dashboard looking like a chopped down a tree for it

Lumberjacks with tracks got your girl on her back

Keep dimes with me like a nigga selling sacks

I’m trapped in between a rock and a hard place

Smoking a _____ like I’m Scarface

Bitch I’m a renegade, old school

Shorty breaking speeds on the interstate

Old school rappers get first choked up

Me I’m shooting trees on ____ double line

Burn like these vampires in the day time

Blast real boy scouts

Blast nigga rebels

Watch 3 strikes to a 3 time felony

Playing on these tracks and you’re hit by a free train

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