LUDACRIS - Grew Up A Screw Up (Remix) lyrics

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(Yuh! Dedicated to all my hustlas that's a product of their environment! Whether gettin Money legally or Illegally!

We gotta do what we gotta do to survive man!

Grew up a screw up baby, I got indroduced to the game and ain't took a breath yet!

I grew up a fuckin screw up, Got introduced to the game, to the game and fuckin blew up

Ever since I was an embryo waitin to shape up and ship out,

Something in my brain said "wake up and kick out"

Roberta and Wayne stayed up and flipped out,

Cause when I came I was drapped up and dripped out,

Snip the umbilical-spit the government chip out,

Peace up A-town down and then I dipped out,

And oh my gosh the Osh Kosh was picked out,

I slipped in even my baby stroller was tricked out,

Somebody get him the little nigga's out of control,

Put a little bit of rum in my bottle, I'll dream about diamonds and gold, gold, gold, gold,

To grow from an infant to toddler was effervescent the essence of adolesence had my body feelin freshin, freshin freshin

And it was a blessin to start reppin,

I was the best in my section with flows harder than erections,

Still the best but now I'm grown with more range than a Texan I'm a heavyweight and you niggas is light than my complexion!

I grew up a fuckin screw up got introduced to the game and fuckin blew up

I grew up right here, round the corner from mail man, and when the first came it was rain on the mail man,

Whatchu mean it ain't right? you better go get your scale man,

I don't trust him anyway, you know the nigga a tail man,

First they run up in your place, now your ass got a case,

Crooked ass judge sends your ass outta space

8 by 6 now your ass outta place,

Your girl ran through your change now your ass outta pocket,

Speakin of pockets mines got the mumps,

A quarter mil for breakfats, now what's for lunch?

Got a bag full of green shit now wheres the blunt?

Snuk in through the back nigga, now where's the front?

Dropped out in the 8th grade, got money 8 ways

Yo ma fuck it I got shit to do

So all you hatin ass niggas thought that I would last, the inspirations on the way so you can kiss my ass!

Yezzzzir! Look, Look, Look

What I'm a do is, I'm a go to the A then I'm a go all the way to Harlem, but before I do that I'm a take ya'll to Hollygrove

I blew up before I grew up,

Got introduced to the game now they at they heads like crew cuts,

Suit up and lace your boots up it's war time,

It's weezy baby no cryin, no lyin

These motherfuckers is slippin they better hold on,

They be trippin like Cedric and Solange,

I float like I'm headless no mind,

I can say "don't rhyme" and it's gon' rhyme,

I'm so fresh I should be smack like D-Barnes,

And you'll get smacked like a baseball by B-Bonds,

I'm to the point I can kill a nigga with 3 lines,

Watch this-with 3 lines,

We got to tossin the blunt, and dipped 3 times,

We light the motherfuckers up and get tree high,

And in the game I'm Manning-up like Eli,


Homie fronted me a zip, shit I made it a bird,

That's 17 1/2 all I need is the word,

Say the ice is cool but the pot is

We let it cook slow, but that money come fast,

I got what you need I hope you brought all the cash,

You know the kid pimpin all over the world,

100 karots got me all over ya girl

5 bricks in my gucci duffle bag,

A corperate thug I run with a playas circle,

Got a field mob that'll distub your peace,

Blowin Shawn-J all we do is smoke,

And I was countin my bread and I was gettin some head

(I'm a be all the way reak with you)

When I came into the game they ain't do nothin but doubt me,

Now the whole game changed and it ain't nothing without me,

Picking up my sloppy seconds as they reach for the crown,

The only reason you on that song is cause I turned that down!

I went from hot wheels, to big wheels, from Hyundais to Bentlys, 5 course meals, no more Popeys and Blimpes,

From alright to handsome, from one room to mansion,

From hangin on the block to throwin parties in the Hamptons,

From broke as a joke to rich as a bitch,

I bought plane and a boat and 6 other whips,


From dice on the curb to stackin up chips,

But harder,

From birds on my nerves to chicks on my dick,

Guard ya,

Women dawg I went from ashy to classy,

Went from a kiss on the cheek to doin the nasty,

Reach your hand up to the sky and you can play with the stars,

It's not the hand that your dealt,

But how you playin your cards boy!

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