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Lucinda Williams - What If lyrics

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Shut every thing

What it would mean

It's a present [Incomprehensible]

If a prostitute was queen

What would happen then

How would the world change

If sick became sane

And the world was rearranged

The rains brought down the moon

And daylight was fear

And the sun rose too soon

And then just disappeared

If dogs became kings

And the pope [Incomprehensible]

And hobos had wings

And God was a bone

If houses became trees

And flowers turned to stone

And there were no families

And people lived alone

If buildings started laughing

And windows cried

And feet started clapping

An owl came in sight

If mountains fell in slivers

And the sky began to bleed

And blood filled up the rivers

And prisoners were free

If the stars fell apart

And the ocean dried up

And the world was one big heart

And decided to start

If children grew up happier

And they could run with the wolves

And they never felt trapped or

Or hungry or unloved

If cats walked on water

And birds sat [Incomprehensible]

And we loved one other

In equal amounts

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