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[Pony Boy x2]

So what'chu want Homie? what'chu need?


So what'chu want nigga? What'chu need?


So what'chu want nigua? What'chu need?




So if you want to get buck get buck

If you want to light it up light it up

talk is cheap, what the fuck.... You gon' do?

Now you fucking wit; Pony,???, fucking wit us

You fuckin wit a whole city (crew)

Dirty and gridy no remorse or pity

war wicked the committee got you looking too shitty (wha?)

Wanna say some mo' shit?

Knowing if you keep running yo mouth

You may end up with your tongue cut out

Knock'n niggaz straight off the richtor scale

be so nasty you can't help but to bail

What the hell drop a high 16

keep talking shit about psy

fuck around and get pop in yo spleen

You got the game fucka the jaw jappin

gon get you drunk up so you can know what's really happening

My word, my bound... I put it on my son

You gon respect me and were I'm from... (huh)


[Pony Boy]

Like Desperado...(ah-ha), crazy Mojado!

Fired up, cause I was born a Marijuano!

Big Mexican, Big Texican you wanna fuck around?

You know I'm flexican

I brought putos, with my boy Juntos

Muy cochinos mal agradecidos

Criminales, pulling off Jales

con los cochoas asi con los corales

Mexican Mafia so what's stopping ya?

Never thought twice about dropping ya

Grandes Pistolas hang wit the Cholas

Grand Chingon wit the big bolas

Just hang'in real gang bang'n weed slang'n

showing off tag'n, el muy chingo valiente boracho

Pony Boy representando muy gacho



(Money to) Money to bang wit us

slang to stay wit us

Hands in the sky

everybody die when thang hit'cha

the same mista that'll pump on y'all

and break up like Shaq when we dunk up on y'all

Plus big shit, wondering why my gun so tall

when you pussy niggaz had it

it would come through walls

make a mother fucka fell me

like 2pac... got stopped copped and chopped

when you pop two blocks

So it's all out war wit'cha

Making the lord lift y'all, high as the clouds breaking the nigga

make ya come get'cha

And before making you the sweetest of Swisher

closed casket faggot we gon miss ya


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