LOS MARIJUANOS - Time 2 Get High

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Senoras y Senores

Directamente de Chicago, Illinois

Los Marijuanos

Aplauso, aplauso (yeah)


Its time to get high (its time to get high)

Its time to get high (its time to get high)

Its time to get high (its time to get high)

Its time to get high (yeah)

It's time to get high!

[Verse 1:]

Roll up the splif

(?I shoot to give?)

(ugh, ugh) like cannabis sativa I uplift

Get to freestylin' when I get to smokin'

If its true skunk, then hommie I'm chokin'

I pass it on (ugh) I pass it on (ugh)

Like Cheech and Chong (yeah)

Now I'll take a hit from tha bong!

Like Cypress Hill

So what's the deal, hommie chill (what)

Los marijuanos come real

So recognize, realize, legalize

And keep your eyes on the prize

So you can keep on smoking them trees

Take a big hit, to drop you on your knees

True g's (what up) recognize the flame from the rag

Roll up the buds with the (?orange?) Zig Zags

I cannot lie, I wanna fly, I wanna fly

I guess its time to get high


[Verse 2:]

Or should I say blaze?

I got the true buddah to put you in a daze

I raise my bowl to the air

You pack it in, I pack it in

Don't stare, hommie share

[?Mota ferosa?] is greedy

Muthafuckin' pack tha true buds to the needy

Yes indeedy, I pack it in a bowl

Roll it in tha paper, and pop in the [?cnb tapa?]

Now lets ride, cruise

You cant lose, who's got the dolla' for the booze

I got 5 on it! Got it good (ugh)

Do what I could (say wat)

So pour the [?hood?]

I got bass, beats, and the rhymes

Educate myself when I read the High Times

Look at my watch 4:20, oh my

Spark up the joint

Its time to get high


[Verse 3:]

Come on, roll it up, roll it up

Get the fuckin light and

Toke it up, toke it up

I get to cuttin up tha blunts

I got that box of swishers so hommies don't front

Hydroponic, bubonic, supersonic

Its ironic how we's up on it

True skills from tha east (ugh)

I pack it like a beast (yeah)

Beatin up suckas like a feast

Bu-yah, Pony Boy comin 2 ya

Bustin' thru' ya', punk I never knew ya

So act like you know (word)

Go ahead and plant the seed

And let it grow, let it grow

Then smoke up a pound (yeah)

Cuz you know The Marijuanos are down

Its time to say goodbye

But with the words of wisdom

Its time to get high

High! its time to get high!

High! its time to get high!

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