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[Pony Boy]

I remember

Do you remember?

Homeboy showing love do you remember? [x4]

[Pony Boy]

Cause I remember growing up in shorties

Buck wild drinking up a lot of forties

Oldies make E's in the sky

Why I rose made dog we use to ride

Kitchens cool in the woods by the tracks

We use to gather up our homies in backs

Talking shit all the time getting drunk

Lying about bony bitches getting grunk

Young dumb full of cum

Never gave a fuck unless we're getting some

Getting our dicks wet you can bet

Always holding up our fucking set (that's right)

Pick a fight, every night, smoking bud drinking bud out of sight

(Pile of gold) got me in a daze

smoking up the best cause you know I'm getting blaze

[Chorus: Pony Boy]

I remember you Oooo

Homie thought you know (though you knew)

I remember you Oooo (Homie thought chu knew)

[Vibe Metal]

Yo I remember life in the hoods Chicago 18 Street

Just trying to make ends meet

And struggling just to eat (Butchu know)

School of hard knocks running the blocks

Riding the train and playing bull in empty lots

And it don't stop family was all that we had

Sticking together through whatever

when times were good or bad and I'm glad

We made it this far ... Ghetto superstar

Do you remember when niggaz they had no car?

Me and my cousin's young bucks riding bikes

Spending the nights talking about girls that we like

Fist fights city lights trying to keep my mind right

Sunday church with the family to keep the ears tight (Aight)

No diamonds no blingers just dreams of rapping

Singing bringing the money back to the hood and doing good

The hard times and the hopes and dreams

About the dollars we would grew up to be


[Pony Boy]

Do you remember? (Sssss Ah)

Smoking out in September

Fumando Marijuana esta la mañana

swena la canpana

Asi me gusta para fumar

Real yescas vamous a buscar

La cucaracha no quiere camenar

Porque le falte Marijuana para fumar

Those were the good old days when we got blaze

Going to jams every weekend token up jays

I reminisce I reminisce all those times that I miss

My very first joint and my first kiss from a bitch

No regrets I feel no shame

Take me back right down memory lane

(Yo hold up hold up I think I know this cat from high school.

Yo pony boy it's Vibe Metal do you remember me?

What up though Vibe Metal... they start to chatter)

[Pony boy & Vibe Metal]

I remember you Ooooooooo (I remember you who who who

Homie thought you know (though-chu knew though-chu knew)

I remember you Ooooooooo (I remember you who who who)

Yes I do, Homie I thought-chu knew

I thought-chu knew, I thought-chu knew (Yeah Yeah)

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