LONE STAR RIDAZ - What You Trippin Fo' lyrics

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(feat. Baby Beesh, Happy P, Max Minelli)

[Max Minelli: Spoken]

So cold

Niggas so throwed

Young Max Minelli, nigga

One of Louisiana's finest

Check it,

Lone Star muthafuckin' Ridaz

Right chea

Young Happy P, SPM, Dope House 2000

Dope still sellin' itself, nigga

Pass what you ask

And we want mill. tickets, nigga

Nine hundred and ninety-nine thousand

In small face hundred dollar bills

And one hundred thousand in quarters

Them 2000 quarters

Millennium shit

What the fuck is you trippin' fo', nigga?

[Baby Beesh]

The whole world wanna rumble

Hatas spittin' in my Gumbo

Tumble or even stumble, don't let that ball fumble

Pay attention to my bumble

Hustle ‘till I pull a muscle

Hot as El Segundo when I'm comin' wit my thunder

Lettin' off a whole clip-a

Kick a door when I enter


Known to chop a muthafucka for a pinna

Trigger finger got a splinter

You talkin' shit again-a?

I'll grab a switch and beat yo ass with an antenna

I'm a cold piece of worker

Blastin' wit my bazerka, bazooka Dope House trooper

So now you know the scoop-a

Cook it up like Betty Crocker

Quicker than Marshall Focker

Monster, like Chubaca

Sorry nigga, sianora


[Baby Beesh]

So what you trippin' fo'

So what you trippin' fo'

So what you trippin' fo'

So what you trippin' fo'

So what you trippin' fo'

So what you trippin' fo'

So what you trippin' fo'

So what you trippin' fo'

[Happy P]

Now I'ma tell you like I told you before

Fuck a pig, fuck a hoe, and fuck federal

Niggas and bitches start to trip when yo boy get the dough

Fool, I'ma go wild when my money get low

I heard you got some cash, but man we got more

Niggas in my face, swearin' to God they can flow

But nigga, I ain't trippin', but I ain't tryin' to hear that

Fuck all the yappin' homie, show me where the weed at

So I can cut the sweets, and taste the weed smoke

I got big plans wit me and Max and C-Loc

See we gon' wreck the game, and we gon' make a killin'

When I was 16, I was hurtin' niggas' feelings

Foreal (foreal)


[Baby Beesh]

So you made a little money, oh wow!

What the fuck yo punk ass fidna do now?

I've invested more money (more money)

In a crackhead's dream

Remember back as a fiend, when I was lackin' the green

But now I'm playin' both sides of the fence

Pullin' licks, no fingerprints so no evidence

Ever since I was a youngster (youngster)

all I ever wanted to be was a hustler (hustler)

Cyber space, desperado

Hollow tips in my wallow

Guero about dinero

But swallow Tequila bottle

Follow my lead, huh

Follow my lead, huh

Beesh and Happy P fin ta make the block bleed, huh


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