LONE STAR RIDAZ - Count Your Blessingz lyrics

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Yeah, yeah, yeah lifetime

A lifetime, yeah, yeah

Whoa, I got a story look...

[Max Minelli]

It goes, too many enemies, not enough friends

Too many people struggling killing me, not enough ends

Where do we go from here, my stormy night done disconnected my life

It felt like they disconnected me from my life

I'm making plans but they crumble, these days it's hard to stay humble

When dope done turned my neighborhood to a jungle

And many niggas stumble, fucking the thin line

I ain't no killa but look I will to defend mine, then shine

In time I'ma get it right, I'm respecting my life

I'm grabbing, holding, kissing, hugging it tight

Hoping I'll make it through the rest of the year

Cause I don't what was worser the World Trade, or the death of a leader

It's like the message is clear, I'm still here, God must got a plan

So I keep holding back the rest of my tears

I don't know if he testing my fate, or testing my fears

I just respect it as the blessing it is, cause a blessing it is aiight

[Chorus: Russell Lee & Rasheed]


I done lost a lot of friends in my lifetime


I done shed a lot of tears in my lifetime


I done felt a lot of pain in my lifetime


But I'ma make it through the rain in my lifetime

[Baby Beesh]

Now I'm just saying though making my music, it's for my money

I'm just saying though, pulling the zags within the dummy

I'm just saying though, some thangs that'll make you laugh'll make you cry

That's how it goes partna, why ask why

I'm off promethozyne, sticky green, off the herb soldemzyne

In between all around, they can't stop the underground

Baby Beesh off the leash, the Lone Star governer

With Happy P rocking Northern and the Southerner


And if I follow the sun, it took me right back to the huntho

What I love the most, my streets, my life and my music

And I started thinking, about the words he once told

Is he coming, is he goes only God knows

So fuck that, I ain't gone quit till my last stage

So if I live by it, I'ma die by it

I got to survive living each stage in my hard life

Yeah, you know



So many years out of town, could of been with the fam

But if I done stopped back then, I wouldn't be where I am

All the vans, flashing cans, grabbing hands at them shows to do

Can't get too close to you, what am I suppose to do

Those of you, that all been thinking of the good life

Should try, to be attracted with the hood life

Good bye, two of the things you take for granted

Like a night with all your family without a psycho fanatic


I'm so use to the streets, I feel at home in the hood

I just couldn't leave, I'm forever Hillwood

Fuck luxurious, but everyday a stupid bitch

See me and say, I don't give a fuck who he is

I'm so new to this, living like Julious

I'm known for cruising whips, and doing boys the ugliest

In this game there's only two things I need

My nuts and my gun, hold up that's three


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