Lloyd Banks

Lloyd Banks - Still Dre Pt. 2

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[Lloyd Banks:]

I'm chillin' nigga

Lloyd fuckin Banks nigga!

Ya'll know me

You can't handle me

[Verse: Lloyd Banks]

I don't know why the fuck ya'll rappin' for

To sound like Banks you got to practice more

I done told ya'll before I'll crack ya jaw

Yeah I'm shittin' what you think Exlax is for?

Rub it up I don't like to hit the mattress raw

It don't matter if you ghetto or a actress whore

Why you actin' like you never been slapped before?

You must ain't ever been slapped before

We all stars and we all got gats to draw

Cognac by the gallon and packs of raw

I'm a total package you couldn't ask for more

When my shit drop niggas 'gon attack the store

I'm that raw

You don't wanna see the tool kit

I'll put chalk around ya head like a pool stick

I have a new chick

That'll make you drool quick

I'm still sonin' niggas that I went to school with

Niggas know I'm sick

I ain't got to prove shit

I'm a slick mouth nigga with a smooth lip

'Bout to rule shit

Thats right give it up

Banks 'bout to live it up

New house ribbon cut

I don't give a fuck

Only reason why I'm here is cause I deliver cuts

I hit yours you don't wanna give ya liver up

Break it down roll it up

Light the brown bubble gum

Drinkin' 'till I'm throwin' up

Ya'll smokin' dro or what?

I'm still growin' up

Fuck all that forever shit

Big drops is what I better get

All leather shit

While you on that pleather shit

My niggas together thick

Game, I'm ahead of it

I make the weather switch

As the days go by I'm gettin' better bitch

I'm a fuckin' problem you can't edit this

Step back before we pop 'till your sweater rips

I'm a vet at this

Ya'll niggas cheddar-less

Hennessey and Streter grips

Think about sluggin' me

You gotta hit L and T-O- double D

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