Lloyd Banks

Lloyd Banks - Rockband

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It's the unit muuf-cker,

No reliance, no friends,

You the one dats a sucker,

I ain't never put my flag down,

You da one dats a suffer full blown buster,

F-ck was I thinking to trust ya,

These n-ggas ain't crazy they just stupid

They took my flow chopped it up and looped it,

I'm da truth kid, my rep too big,

Enormous wardrobe I step through jig,

Puttin that work in, cleanin up the mess you did,

I'm the flyest sh-t you'll ever see,

Overwhelming energy, no solar just the hennesey,

Looking for my enemies, the chronic is my remedy,

I'm smoking up the embassy,

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One bed two sets of titty's just dem and me,

I'm what you'll never be, never top, never see,

My flow hot as hell, my delivery is heavenly,

Post lyrical therapy, historical legacy,

Vitamin water energy that's why they get ahead of me,

Life is all a dream till your dream come true,

So does the envy, the scandal, and scheme come to,

So keep your handle, you know the evil that men do,

I can't stand you, we make a n-gga rockband you,

Heavy metal, lock and load on em, then rock and roll on em,

Sing em a sad song, nigga your ass gone,

Keep your handle, you know the evil that men do,

I can't stand you, we make a n-gga rockband you,


Let the weed and fifty one settle,

I'm tryna duck my demons but the devil on the peddle,

600 and sumthing horses we out here ducking coffins,

Some trick lost it, he ain't follow precautions,

He made it out abortion, sad to say for some n-ggas,

Good for nothing, or your momma shoulda been cum drinkers,

My n-ggas ain't thinkers, they just react,

Where we at there ain't no ghetto... where ya heat at,

He won't be back, them n-ggas tellin fairy tales you see that,

Believe that, you just as dumb as him boy, ease back,

Money make my jeans fat, for that I give a knee cap,

Body shot, ransom note, every finger decapped,

I gotta have it, the green made me an addict,

I smoke blay let the weed work it's magic,

My life f-cked in anyway you can have it,

Without you things would be tragic,

Me and my automatic,

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