Lloyd Banks

Lloyd Banks - Lamborghini Lloyd

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You can call me big truck Banks, or Lamborghini Lloyd,

Ferrari F-50 made me one rich boy,

Niggaz ain't sayin nothin just alotta slick noise,

I got silencers for that, them rubber grip toys,

Over twenty hoes that do what I say so,

Fight ova me like them bitches on the Flava Flav show,

I don't smoke 'em up this is major grade dro,

The flows tight like Bathing Ape clothes,

I'm in and out the I city got state to state shows,

Just in case you wonderin if I'ma make the states know,

They tryin to lock a niggas so the kid stay low,

Indictments is the only thing the pigs pray for,

I pop up in the Vanguish the two doo, nigga,

It's green white like a blue nose pit,

The shoes don't fit, I got a few more hits,

That mean brand new houses and U-Haul trips,

And my mama's so proud she could do 4 flips,

If you jeopardize that, you gon rest in peace,

When H died I felt it in my chest for weeks,

All I got is my word, my crew my vest and heat,

So what you wanna do, I'm right in fronna you,

I'll make the ambulance pick up every onna you,

Then I'll be back next week yeah I'm comin through,

Makin my way to the dance floor to do my 1 and 2,

What it do, you know me just chillin,

Thinkin bout what Ima do after I sell 5 million,

The elevator stops at a very high buildin,

Let's just say I'm smart, at this playa art,

I heard all the talk but refused to play a part,

In beefin wit a nigga that was on change of heart,

I spun the wheel of fortune got the Vanna White Challenger,

Still on the stage with the hammer like Gallager,

I'm a hood nigga got a hundred goons wild at ya,

That'll take ya head off, smooth as excalaber,

nigga, I ain't ya ordinary I'm betta,

Kevlar sweater'll keep a nigga togetha,

It's still mandatory that we see the chedda,

I'm grimey, I'm greasey a GT or betta,

Whateva, you could put the house on Cris,

That's why ya bitch wanna put her mouth on this.

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